Welcome to the World of Alandrei.

It is a world lost in a time between the fall of one great empire and the rise of another. Independent villages and small kingdoms are scattered peaceably through the land, each making its own living. However, deep inside the world, something has began to stir. Something dark. Evil is spreading across the land, sowing seeds of distrust and misfortune wherever it goes. The world is teetering on the brink. Several young heroes must bravely venture Into the Storm, and destroy the evil. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

This is the place where I will put updates like the times and places of upcoming sessions and what progress is currently required.
December 18th: I want you all to be nearing completion of your characters and to have them uploaded by around December 27th, so that we can start playing by then. all that I have left in the early creation process is to design the first dungeon, and then I want to start as soon as possible.


Uh so what about people who aren’t using this- whats your strategy for organizing this? Is something like this something we should use the forums for? The Forum would be nice cause then we can comment for real and have it make sense -not like we’re just messing with your page.
-Avery 11:55 12/18/2010

I need to pay for the forums, which isn’t something I’m prepared to do yet.

Times we can play: please put in favorable times to have sessions for the next few weeks here.

EDIT: we will be playing friday.

Into The Storm

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